• Glazed Vanilla BeanGlazed Vanilla Bean Sign
  • Chocolate IcingChocolate Icing Sign
  • Chocolate SprinkleChocolate Sprinkle Sign
  • Chocolate PeanutChocolate Peanut Sign
  • Boston CremeBoston Creme Sign
  • Lemon SquareLemon Square Sign
  • Raspberry Jam Vanilla BeanRaspberry Jam Vanilla Bean Sign
  • SmoresSmores Sign
  • Fluffer NutterFluffer Nutter Sign
  • PB & JPB & J Sign
  • Maple Long JohnMaple Long John Sign
  • Maple Bacon Long JohnMaple Bacon Long John Sign
  • Chocolate Long JohnChocolate Long John Sign
  • Buttermilk Vanilla Old FashionButtermilk Vanilla Old Fashion Sign
  • Blueberry Lemon Old FashionBlueberry Lemon Old Fashion Sign
  • Blueberry Maple Bacon Old FashionBlueberry Maple Bacon Old Fashion Sign
  • Chocolate Chocolate Old FashionChocolate Chocolate Old Fashion Sign
  • Croissant Style PlainCroissant Style Plain Sign
  • Croissant Style ChocolateCroissant Style Chocolate Sign
  • Mocha MiniMocha Mini Sign
  • Pistachio MiniPistachio Mini Sign
  • White Chocolate Raspberry MiniWhite Chocolate Raspberry Mini Sign
  • CruffinCruffin Sign
  • Iced Cinnamon TwistIced Cinnamon Twist Sign
  • Cinnamon TwistCinnamon Twist Sign
  • Apple FritterApple Fritter Sign

Gluten Free* and Vegan doughnuts available. Flavors vary daily.

*Our facility is not a gluten free facility. Doughnuts contain the following allergens: wheat, soy, dairy and eggs. Our facility stores peanuts, pistachios and other tree nuts.

We do our best to keep all menu items in stock at the shop, but cannot guarantee availability. Special Orders available for quantities of 6 dozen or more.

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